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Death at a Funeral wins Best Comedy at Sydney Film Festival

According to this article Death at a Funeral has won the Best Comedy award by the audience at the 54th Sydney Film Festival.


Death at a Funeral delay explained

The New York Times explains the following reason for the delay in the release of Death at a Funeral:

For specialty-film marketers, counterprogramming these days means keeping an even closer eye on their niche-minded peers....

And MGM, which planned to release “Death at a Funeral,” a British farce, on June 29, has now pushed it back to Aug. 17, to avoid its being eclipsed in the entertainment news by Michael Moore’s “Sicko.”

“You need to program the specialized movies just like you program the tent poles,” said Rick Sands, chief operating officer of MGM. “Because you’re competing for eyeballs, for review space in the papers, for online reviews, and not everybody can read every review.”

New Poster for Death at a Funeral?

I received a google alert for a free screening in Kansas City, MO but was surprised to see a different poster than the usual.  I love Matthew's reactionary face! New Poster for Death at a Funeral?

Landmark Theaters Confirms August 17th Release

I just received an email from Landmark Theaters who said the nationwide release has been changed to August 17, 2007.  I do not know if it will open limited release on June 29th.

More Early Showings of Death at a Funeral and Reviews

Thanks to 6point7! Chud has listed showing in Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville and Raleigh.

Also, Hollywood Reporter has done a review of Death at a Funeral

While there is no standout performance -- meaning that everyone has splendidly performed his character's faults to the comic hilt -- one most enjoys Macfadyen for bringing subtle drama and melancholy to the comic center of the tale

And Aint it Cool News

I recommend this movie if you enjoy dark comedies. It is very funny and I look forward to Frank Oz making more of these types of movies.

The entire cast is worthy of praise but the standouts include Tudyk and Macfadyen....Meanwhile, the puffy, doe-eyed Macfadyen is so effortlessly nebbish you'd never expect he could have the smoldering mystique to play Mark Darcy, let alone a secret service agent in MI-5.

(I think he means Fitzwilliam Darcy)MM corner


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