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Death at a Funeral DVD release

Death at a Funeral has been released on DVD in many countries, including the UK and US.

411mania has posted a review which had this to say about Matthew Macfadyen and Keeley Hawes:

Spaniards love Death at a Funeral!

A huge thank you to mayamia who gave us this translation. Apparently Spaniards are enjoying Death at a Funeral Despite the critics.

A month after Frank Oz’s filme was released it keeps attracting more and more public. Although, his comedy has not received good reviews and the critics in London have received it coldly.
The comedy DAAF opened discretely a month ago in a dozen movie theaters. At the beginning the filme was received as “one more” movie. But lately, more people have seen the movie especially in Barcelona. According to the distribution company DeAPlaneta, the movie is gaining admirers in Aribau, Gran Sarrià y Bosque, a phenomenon that –after 28 days of the release- can only be explained as a “mouth to mouth” publicity. Barcelona it is been called “the comedy of the year” or the funniest funeral in movie history.”

Read the article in Spanish here

Also, if you want to read about an Australian critic who wrote a bad review for Death at a Funeral and is frustrated that the public is liking it so much and made it the number one movie, go here. It's pretty funny.

Thank you Matthieu for the link.

Death at a Funeral Australian Review

Thanks to Sasha Cottman who found this wonderful review of Death at a Funeral from two prominent critics from Australia.

But the entire ensemble is excellent and ensures that this modest but richly entertaining comedy is a considerable success.

Read the full review here

Leonard Maltin's Review of Death at a Funeral

Watch the Death at a Funeral review by Leonard Maltin on Reelz

David Edelstein reviews Death at a Funeral

David Edelstein of CBS Sunday Morning reviewed (and approved) Death at a Funeral this morning.  You can watch the clip online.

1. Go to cbs

2. On the right hand side, click on "All Sunday Morning videos"

3. On the right hand side, click on "Summer Movies", play video

The DAAF review is in the middle of the clip 

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