Death At A Funeral Media

Death at a Funeral at Locarno Film Festival (Switzerland)

The Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland will be screening Death at a Funeral on August 5 , 2007

Death at a Funeral DVD available in Belgium

Thanks to the amazing sleuthing abilities of SecretWifeofTomQuinn, we know that Belgium will see the release of the DVD of Death at a Funeral on December 12, 2007.

Belgium was also the first country to see the release of the movie.

Clips from Death at a Funeral

Thanks for 6point7 for sharing this information.  Yahoo has 4 clips and the trailer for Death at a Funeral available for viewing.

You can see them here.

UK Release of Death at a Funeral

According to gareth-86 of IMDb, the following are release information on Death at a Funeral

The film has a UK release of September 28th.
Though it has a BAFTA screening on July 14th in London.

Screen Actors Guild (SAG) screening of Death at a Funeral

A stateside friend of Flip's went to the SAG screening of DAAF, where there was a Q&A with Frank Oz.  The following was said about Keeley Hawes and Matthew Macfadyen

had an email from a friend in the states who attended the SAG screening and Q+A with the director the other evening, thought this bit was quite cute:
"Oz said that she [Keeley] was pregnant during the filming and mentioned a scene where Matthew moved his legs over on the couch so as to cover up the fact that she was pregnant so it wouldn't be seen on film (since she's not pregnant in the plot)..."

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