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London Film School Preview of Death at a Funeral

The London Film School has a preview followed by a Q&A for Death at a Funeral


Thursday 4 Oct – Screenwriting with Dean Craig

Preview of Death at A Funeral (Dir: Frank Oz 120mins 2007) followed by Q & A with screenwriter Dean Craig.
“Lethal farce, combining hints of "The Lavender Hill Mob," doses of Joe Orton and a smidgen of the Farrelly brothers' scatology in its mix”. Chicago-Tribune.

Death at a Funeral surprise hit in Italy

According to Variety:

In Italy, "The Simpsons Movie" soph sesh dominated, as expected. But the big surprise was Frank Oz comedy "Death at a Funeral," which opened in third place, ahead of "Atonement," "Superbad," and local teen title "Scrivilo sui muri."

British Poster and Trailer for Death at a Funeral

Thanks to 6point7 for finding the British trailer to Death at a Funeral as well as another poster.

The trailer can be viewed here

Frank Oz will also be doing a webchat for on September 24 at midday. 


British Poster and Trailer for Death at a Funeral

Death at a Funeral marketing based on country

Death at a Funeral had trouble selling in the UK was difficult to sell "Death at a Funeral" in England, where the genre of "British farce" is more common and many of the actors in the film are regularly seen on television, therefore eliminating the ability to market the film as a unique comedy.

However, the article also states that it has performed well at festivals and has sold well in the US and internationally.

From here

Death at a Funeral performs strongly in limited showing

According to the LA Times:

And in its third weekend, the British comedy "Death at a Funeral" chugged along on strong word of mouth, grossing $1 million at 264 locations.

Box Office mojo reports

Death at a Funeral has made almost $4.4 million domestically in the US with only 264 theaters. 

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