Matthew Trivia



Little Gems of Information About Matthew Macfadyen

  • Matthew is allergic to cats (according to the audio commentary on Spooks series 2)
  • He is a fantastic cook (this is from his wife....)
  • The big walking out of the mist scene in Pride & Prejudice had Matthew following a red flag held by director Joe Wright and trying not to fall over as he has very bad eyesight!
  • According to the Joe Wright audio commentary again, Matthew is afraid of horses and one of the scenes in Pride & Prejudice was shot with Matthew and Simon Woods on ladders not horses (mind you he has had to be on a few horses in his roles over the years...).
  • Matthew was nearly banished from the set of Perfect Strangers for laughing so much!
  • David Oyelowo showed a new use of the Spooks briefing table which Matthew started. Body surfing!