2014 Matthew Macfadyen Advent Calendar

December means it's time for our annual Matthew Macfadyen Advent Calendar.

I hope you'll enjoy the photos in the doors that you can open. It is a way to view "gifts" for each day of December leading up to Christmas. Each December day, another "door" will open and you will be able to view what is behind the door. You must have javascript turned on to view the doors.

Happy Holidays!

(Beware of sound behind some of the doors)


Ripper Street S3: Trailer for Episode 7

The penultimate episode is this Friday, only on Amazon instant video in the UK!

See video

Ripper Street S3: Digital Spy Teaser for Episode 7 "Live Free, Live True"

Meanwhile, the murder of a chemist lifts the lid on a backstreet abortion racket concealing a nefarious scheme.

While the team of H Division investigates, Dr Frayn (Louise Brealey) sets out to modernise the practices at Obsidian Clinic, but faces conflict with both Long Susan and the authorities.

Ripper Street S3: Episode 6 Trailer

Available only on Amazon Instant Video in the UK this Friday!

See video

Ripper Street S3: Digital Spy Teaser for Episode 6 "The Incontrovertible Truth"

Meanwhile, the dark and corrupt streets of Whitechapel bear witness to the vicious stabbing of a local woman. Over one long rainy night, H Division must unearth the true culprit before the weight of the authorities bears down upon them.

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