Succession: Some random reviews

Thrillist: "The cast is uniformly amazing"

If you know Macfadyen as Mr. Darcy in the 2005 Pride and Prejudiceadaptation, you may want to reevaluate him. Tom is part dork, part Macbeth, part devoted spouse and partner.

Vanity Fair: "Succession: How Tom and Greg’s Toxic Bromance Became the Summer’s Best TV"


This article contains an interview with Matthew Macfadyen.

An excerpt: 

For viewers who enjoy Tom’s scenes with Greg, know that even goofier footage of the duo exists. Macfadyen said that Armstrong would often give him this note: “Matthew, I think you need to really tone down the silliness a bit. Tom is running a billion-dollar sub-company.” Said Macfadyen, “Tom runs the parks division. So he can’t be a total prick. But I guess he can a little [on this show], because everyone’s making mistakes, just behaving like absolute assholes. They’re not so slick and cool. They’re rich as Croesus, and miserable. . . . Perhaps he’s a little more cheerful than the rest of them, but he’s not without ambition.”

Matthew Macfadyen to appear on The One Show (UK)

Matthew Macfadyen is expected to appear on The One Show this Tuesday 7 August at 7 pm on BBC.

Matthew Macfadyen Interview with Yahoo UK

Yahoo has posted an exclusive interview with Matthew Macfadyen, talking about succes on Succession, Brexit and family.

A small excerpt:

Macfadyen says that his low profile is also down to him not being “very good at promoting” himself, as he’s not on social media, but admits that online profiles and platforms have changed the job since he first graduated from RADA, and not entirely for the better.

“The business has changed a lot since I left drama school,” he says, “in the idea of being on social media and connecting with your fans in that way, that’s the sort of given now for a young actor whereas for my generation its the antithesis of what you should be.

“The point is to be anonymous and not to talk about, you know, because you want people to go and see you acting a part and not what you think about.

Read the full interview HERE.

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