Succession: Seat42F Interview with Matthew Macfadyen

Seat42F has an exclusive interview with Matthew Macfadyen and mainly his role in Succession.  You can read the full interview HERE.

Here is small bit with Matthew: 

You said you wanted to do more work in the United States. Is this gonna be the first of a series of new projects for you over here, or is it just kind of something you’re dabbling in for the moment?

MATTHEW: Just dabbling. I mean, I don’t do anything but dabble. I don’t have any plan. I think most actors don’t. I think the things you can do is: not do things. Don’t try and do the same things you’ve been doing and get further avenues. So it’s really been a breath of fresh air, playing an American, doing a TV show, and getting the experience here. They’re all new things. For an actor, that’s kind of great. Otherwise, it can become a bit stale, always playing the same time of part, all the same media. And it’s just fun filming in Manhattan, my god.

Succession: Further Reviews


Come for the incisive takedown of white collar culture, stay for Matthew Macfadyen's brilliant (and bizarre) comic turn.

But the real scene-stealer is Tom, played by the always great Matthew Macfadyen. As Shiv’s longterm partner and an employee at the Roy family company, Macfadyen gets not only a comedic turn, but a bizarrecomedic turn. Tom is a different person to everyone. At work, he’s a people pleaser to his bosses, who are also his would-be father- and brothers-in-law. Macfadyen maintains a “I can take anything with a smile” look forsuchdismissive assaults it’s impressive he can make it convincing — but he does. With those underneath him, mainly a new-hire (and family cousin) named Greg (Nicholas Braun), he’s as cruel and rude as his bosses are to him (the “Chain of Screaming” from “How I Met Your Mother” comes to mind). With his girlfriend, he’s silly and romantic; he’s charming, even.

So, which one is the true Tom? Is he a company climber, only in his relationship for its connections? Or is he a St. Paul simpleton, in love with a woman but corrupted by her family?

Succession: More Early Reviews

The Matthew Macfadyen ("Tom") centric reviews, of course


Matthew Macfadyen, a sleazy standout


Each family member follows his lead in their own deranged way, particularly Macfadyen, who brings into each scene an aura of menace and the stench of impostor’s flop sweat.

Collider gives it 4 stars

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