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Buzzfeed has an interview with Matthew Macfadyen the reviews the various roles he has had as an actor, most recently as Tom in Succession.

During a recent trip to Los Angeles, Macfadyen spoke to BuzzFeed News with delight about Succession —both about the show itself, which was created by Jesse Armstrong (Peep Show), and about the experience he had making it. He would occasionally slip into Tom’s American accent for emphasis. “Those writers are so funny,” Macfadyen said about that bachelor party scene. “They get to the nubbins. They getright to the cruxof what’s excruciating. Which is: He’s desperate for himself and for his friend Greg to think it’s sexy and OK and —” Tom voice! — “wild.”

“And then there’s that awful dawning realization that it isn’t any of those things,” he continued. “It all happens in that moment — that light dying in his eyes.”

In an ensemble show filled with quotable — and GIFable — performances, Macfadyen has emerged as Succession’s scene-stealer. In the Hollywood Reporter, Daniel Fienbergwrotethat Macfadyen delivers an “Emmy-worthy performance blending obliviousness, insecurity, darkness and optimism in a potent brew.”

On playing Mr Darcy in Pride & Prejudice:

Succession: "HBO Bet Big and Won With Succession" GQ (November 2018)

Succession has been an undeniable hit for HBO.  GQ  has explored how this happened in a recent article.  Be sure to read the full article to read the full interview with the rest of the cast.

Matthew Macfadyen (Tom Wambsgans): It was dark and acerbic. I didn’t know how to categorize it. I think it’s quite exciting when you don’t really know what it is. I thought at times, “It’s quite Greek.” It’s the great big perennial themes, and also it’s funny as fuck. And it’s ridiculous, and it’s heightened. But then, it’s not that heightened.

Macfadyen:I just waited until the first script came in and then gobbled it up and then started. Unless you need to learn to do something specifically, like fly a helicopter or learn the saxophone, the writing’s so good that it’s all there. [Tom is] half suave, half dickhead.

Macfadyen:We had a [wardrobe] fitting, and I suddenly put the turtleneck on, and it was like, “Of course.” ’Cause he would have picked it out very carefully for the family Thanksgiving. And we just thought, “Yeah.” I looked sort of like a demented mime artist who thinks he’s James Bond.

Macfadyen:We did a read-through of the pilot on the eve of Election Night. So we all went to this gathering at Adam McKay’s house after the read-through to kind of watch the returns.

Macfadyen:The party was, like…[makes sputtering noise]. But you think, “Anything that you put in the show, it’s kind of: Well, that’s fine now, because anything goes.”

Matthew Macfadyen at BAFTALA (26 October, 2018)

You can watch Matthew Macfadyen being interviewed on Britbox, which has been posted on Facebook.

At approximately 35:40 minutes, you can see Matthew being interviewed.

Matthew Macfadyen at 2018 British Academy Britannia Awards

Photos are surfacing of Matthew Macfadyen at the 2018 British Academy Britannia Awards.  You can view the photos at Getty Images.

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