Succession: More Early Reviews

The Matthew Macfadyen ("Tom") centric reviews, of course


Matthew Macfadyen, a sleazy standout


Each family member follows his lead in their own deranged way, particularly Macfadyen, who brings into each scene an aura of menace and the stench of impostor’s flop sweat.

Collider gives it 4 stars

NY Times (possible spoiler!)


Succession: Hollywood Reporter review

Succession airs Sunday June 3rd on HBO at 10:00 pm ET/PT.  In preparation for this, Hollywood Reporter has this to say about Matthew Macfadyen as Tom:

Howards End: Parade Interview with Matthew Macfadyen

You can read the full interview on Parade.

An excerpt: 

Did the fact that you had previously worked with Hayley help you establish the relationship between Henry and Margaret? 

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