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Matthew Macfadyen attends the BPG awards

Matthew Macfadyen attended the 36th BPG Television and Radio Awards where Enid won Best Single Drama (Matthew starred opposite Helena Bonham Carter) and Maxine Peake won Best Actress (where she starred alongside Matthew in Criminal Justice II).

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Broadcasting Press Guild Awards Nominations are out

The short list of nominations for the Broadcasting Press Guild Awards are out and include Criminal Justice II and Enid.  The ceremony will be held in March.

Here are some of the nominations:

  • Best single drama

    A Short Stay In Switzerland, BBC1

    Enid, BBC4

    Five Minutes of Heaven, BBC2

  • Best actress

    Helena Bonham Carter (Enid), BBC4

    Rebecca Front (The Thick of It), BBC2

    Maxine Peake (Criminal Justice and The Street), BBC1

    Julie Walters (A Short Stay in Switzerland, and Victoria Wood's Midlife Christmas), BBC1

  • Writer's award

    Peter Bowker (Occupation), BBC1

    Armando Iannucci et al (The Thick of It), BBC2

    Paula Milne (Endgame), Channel 4; (Small Island), BBC1

    Peter Moffat (Criminal Justice), BBC1

You can find the full list of nominations HERE

Variety discusses BBC4's high quality biopics such as Enid

Variety has an article discussing how recent biopics shown by BBC4 have attracted high-value celebrities.  In particular this quote:

"When the pic[ture] bowed in the U.K. last fall on the pubcaster's upscale web, BBC4, Bonham Carter's perf[ormance] received ecstatic reviews. A BAFTA nod for the part looks to be a foregone conclusion."

More from the Enid DVD commentary

JaneV has continued to entertain the forum with some of the Matthew tidbits from the commentary.

Apparently [Matthew Macfadyen] had been reading up about [Hugh Pollock] and discovered that he liked the song [Run Rabbit Run] and used to dance to it - so on [Matthew's] last filming day he said "I've had this idea..." so they got him in for an extra half day to shoot the scene... and apparently Maggie was there and pressed the play button on the CD player to start the song while her daddy played the drunk!

Extras on the Enid DVD

JaneV has been one of the lucky ones to have already received her Enid DVD.

She says that there are several deleted scenes, including a delicious scene where Enid and Hugh are chasing each other.  Also, there is a director's commentary.

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