Enid Blyton Drama or Biopic

Preorder Enid DVD

According to Play.com, you can pre-order Enid (which may be the final name selected for the Enid Blyton drama).  It should be available on October 12, 2009.

Thanks to amelie for finding this!

Enid Blyton Drama to be shown this Autumn

According to various sources, Enid Blyton will be shown on BBC 4 this Autumn as part of three major one-off films about the artistic careers of British female icons.

Enid Blyton's Great Adventure

According the Matthew's agent's website, Hamilton Hodell, the Enid Blyton drama is now named "Enid Blyton's Great Adventure".

Thanks to Matthieu for the find!

More on Enid

We've just learned that the handsome and talented Joseph Millson, will be playing Enid Blyton's brother, Hanly.  There was a read through this morning, where Matthew also attended.  We understand that the drama is being called ENID, at this point.

Filming to begin next week on Enid Blyton

According to the Telegraph, filming will begin next week in London and Surrey.

Matthew Macfadyen will play Hugh Pollock, Blyton's publisher and first husband and Denis Lawson will play Kenneth Darrell Waters, a London surgeon who becomes Blyton's second husband.

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