Enid Blyton Drama or Biopic

Ian Wylie twitters about Enid

Enid was previewed tonight at the Bafta's and Ian Wylie has already twittered some delightful comments.

"Just left BAFTA world premiere of BBC4's brilliant drama Enid with Helena Bonham Carter fans gathered on pavement outside..."

"Superb performance from Helena, who took part in a Q&A, plus screen husbands Matthew Macfadyen and Denis Lawson..."

"Matthew plus moustache can do no wrong. Is very dashing in this, sports striped pyjamas and wartime uniform - and sings..."

"Enid also features another extraordinary performance from Outnumbered actress Ramona Marquez, as Enid's youngest daughter."

Thanks for updating us, Ian, and follow Ian on his twitter.

Enid Blyton Preview

Enid Blyton will be previewed on September 25 at 18:30 pm (6:30 pm) followed by a Q&A at 8:00 pm at Princess Anne Theatre, BAFTA, 195 Piccadilly, London

You can book tickets for the preview HERE.

Enid Blyton Promo video on You Tube

Doris-anglophil found the Enid Blyton promotional video on youtube.  Thanks Doris!

Enid Blyton Promotional Video

Forum member, Flip, has found the promotional video for Enid Blyton.  It has a mustached Matthew Macfadyen in it as Enid's first husband.  You can view the video here (if you live in the UK).

Enid DVD

Enid has passed the BBFC today.  There will be 6 minutes of deleted scenes in the DVD.

Thanks to flip!

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