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Enid DVD Available on Amazon UK only

The Enid dvd has been released on amazon uk as an exclusive on 30 November 2009

'Enid' ratings success for BBC4

Enid helped BBC4 to reach its highest ratings ever. BBC4 peaked during Enid with 1.5 million viewers.  It was also the most watched multichannel programme of the day.

Read more here.

Edit: the Guardian states it was the third highest ratings ever.

Mirrors Enid Review

The Mirror has a brief review of Enid with the following comment.

Whatever the truth, Bonham Carter’s performance is so convincing you want to believe it.

As the first in BBC4’s Women We Loved series, it’s a fabulous start.
Enid airs on Monday 16 November, 2009 at 9pm on BBC4.

Ian Wylie interview with Matthew Macfadyen for Enid

Ian Wylie has just posted an interview he did for Enid, with Matthew Macfadyen.  This is one of the more revealing interviews that Matthew has given, as he discusses his children, which he rarely does.  It also goes on to talk about Matthew singing in Enid and his future plans.

Thank you Ian for such a fabulous interview!  Read the interview HERE  (on Life of Wylie)

Enid review on Front Row

Front Row has an excellent review of Monday's Enid with Helena Bonham Carter and Matthew Macfadyen.  You can still listen to the review HERE.
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