Enid Blyton Drama or Biopic

Enid to air on BBC 4 on 16 November

BBC Press office has announced that Enid will be shown

Monday 16 November
9.00-10.30pm BBC FOUR
(thank you amelie!)


Carnival Film's 'Enid' website

Forum member, Matthieu, has found the Carnival Films website for Enid, starring Helena Bonham Carter and Matthew Macfadyen.  It also has a new image with Matthew.

View the website HERE.

The Life Of Wylie's impressions of Enid

MM in EnidThe Life of Wylie has now published more of his impressions from last night's viewing of Enid, calling it superb.

He mentions that Enid was filmed in something like 14 days.  Also, in the future, look forward to his interviews with Helena Bonham Carter, Matthew Macfadyen and Denis Lawson. 


One more tiny review of Enid

Forum member Hal4king has also checked in with a few comments about Enid.

Enid is beautiful. Matthew [Macfadyen] is heartbreakingly wonderful. Joseph [Millson] has a tiny role but perfectly handled.

Also, in addition to Matthew's mustache, pyjamas, uniform and singing... there is a pillow fight!

A Matthew-centric review of Enid

Forum member, Chloe, was fortunate to attend tonight's Bafta screening of Enid.  She has posted her full review in the forum, but here are some choice bits:

It is a beautifully made, subtle and elegant film and Matthew is fantastic in it. He's not bald (thank heavens!) but does have very slicked back hair and also a rather odd moustache (like a small animal on his lip) - I suspect it was really his moustache, but it could have done with a bit of trimming!! 
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