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Welcome to Darcylicious, an unofficial website dedicated to promoting and discussing the incredible acting talents of Matthew Macfadyen. Known in the UK as an award winning, talented character actor of stage and screen, unafraid to tackle challenging and controversial roles; Matthew came to international prominence as Mr Darcy in the 2005 film Pride and Prejudice. Matthew followed this iconic performance by playing a sex offender in Secret Life for which he received a Best Actor award by the RTS. Matthew has continued his remarkable career with more nominations and awards. Most recently, he was awarded a BAFTA for Best Supporting Actor in Criminal Justice.


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Spooks: Zoe won't be back but Tom might

Empire Online has posted 10 things about the Spooks movie.  Zoe won't be back but Tom Quinn (Matthew Macfadyen) might!

Hearthrob super-spook Tom Quinn, a man with a ruinous love life and, come to think of it, career, is still a firm favourite in these parts. Matthew Macfadyen's character, the possible result of accidental gene splice of Ethan Hunt and Droopy Dog, returned at the end of season ten as a private sector operative harbouring some long-dormant loyalties to his former MI5 colleagues. Surely he'll back again for the movie? "Look, we brought Tom back in the very last episode of the last series," Nalluri straight-bats. "Make of that what you will!" Yes, then.

Spooks: Could Matthew Macfadyen appear in the movie?

Empire Online mentions it could be a possibility.  

 but will there be a reappearance from Matthew Macfadyen as old fan favourite Tom Quinn, last seen in the garb of a private contractor? [Bharat] Nalluri isn’t ruling it out. “We brought him back in the very last episode of the last season,” he hedges. “Make of that what you will...”

Perfect Nonsense: Winner of Olivier Awards for Best New Comedy Play

A huge congratulations to Matthew Macfadyen, Stephen Mangan and director Sean Foley for their win for BEST NEW COMEDY in the Olivier Awards!

Perfect Nonsense: The Handoff of Jeeves and Wooster

The handover of Perfect Nonsense of the Jeeves and Wooster characters has been made.  Stephen Mangan and Matthew Macfadyen and no longer playing those roles which have been taken over by Robert Webb and Mark Heap.

You can view images of the four of them HERE.

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