The Pillars of the Earth

Early Samplings of The Pillars of The Earth

Starz has set up an early sampling of the first two episodes of The Pillars of the Earth on various channels as well as online.  It can be viewed on Wednesday, July 21st now.  Check this page to see if you can view it earlier!

Oprah on Prior Philip has a few pithy comments about some of the major characters in The Pillars of the Earth.  Here's what she has to say about Prior Philip:


Prior Philip (Matthew Macfadyen)

Noble monk who prays in a silky baritone. Despite living in filthy, pestilent 12th-century England, has glowing skin and perfect piano-key teeth—a sure sign of divine grace.

"Making Of The Pillars of the Earth"

Starz has now posted the full 14 minutes of Making of the Pillars of the Earth on youtube.

Character Connections on Starz Website

The Pillars of the Earth has a large amount of characters that are interconnected.  Head to Starz to learn who are the players, and how they interact with each other.

Variety review of Pillars of the Earth

Variety has given an excellent review of Pillars of the Earth.  Here is a choice excerpt:

"...Starz's acquisition of "The Pillars of the Earth" -- an eight-hour adaptation of Ken Follett's massive novel -- is another shrewd programming move, overflowing with prestigious British talent and a lusty story tailored to the pay-TV palate. Dealing with the building of a cathedral against a backdrop of royal succession in 12th-century England, "Pillars" doles out bloody battles, melodrama, illicit sex, rape, incest and revenge -- in short, everything people expect from their premium channels, all in one six-installment package."

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