The Pillars of the Earth

Rola Bauer interview for The Pillars of the Earth

Rola Bauer was interviewed for the blog "Tomorrow Will Be Televised" today.  Rola is the executive producer of The Pillars of the Earth.  She mentioned that there will be special offerings of the first two hours, and to check your local tv guide.  Some of these offerings will even be for nonsubscribers of Starz.  She also mentioned that the first two hours may appear on

Starz Studios to show Behind the Scenes of The Pillars of the Earth

STRZ-E Fri, 7/09, 1:45 PM 15 min
"Pillars of the Earth"
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A behind-the-scenes look is taken into the cast and production crew of the Starz series depicting the violent and deceitful battle for England's crown in the 12th century, stemming from a disruption in succession due to a mysterious secret.

A bloodied Prior

The latest trailer from Starz shows several new scenes with Matthew Macfadyen as the Prior, at one point covered in blood.  Starz will begin showing The Pillars of the Earth on July 23rd in the US.

C4 in Uk acquires The Pillars of the Earth

The UK Channel, C4, has picked up the rights to broadcast The Pillars of the Earth. It is expected to air later this year.

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