The Pillars of the Earth

David Oakes (William Hamleigh) twitters about the quarry scene

The incredibly talented and lovely David Oakes (William Hamleigh) twittered the following message about the quarry scene in Episode 3 of The Pillars of the Earth:

"Ep3 - MM (Matthew Macfadyen) was a delight to work with in the Quarry. It was 2am, gale force winds on the way, and who could want to hurt that charming man!"

What is your favorite Matthew Macfadyen (Prior Philip) scene in episode 3?

Full Length Making of The Pillars of The Earth

You can watch the almost 28 minute full length video of the making of The Pillars of the Earth on Oprah's website.

Q & A with Matthew Macfadyen : Oprah

Oprah has posted a Q & A with Matthew Macfadyen.  He discusses his role in Pillars of the Earth, performing in Private Lives, and filming Any Human Heart.

IGN Review of Episodes 1 & 2 of Pillars of the Earth

IGN has just posted a review of the first two episodes of The Pillars of the Earth and here are just a few comments:

"As always, one wonders if it's possible to turn any great novel into a serviceable visual piece. After years of saying no, I'll be using Pillars of the Earth as an example of why it can actually work. And the reason? Fantastic performances, respect for the material and most importantly, no desire to fix things."


"And Matthew Macfadyen could have come right out of my imagination, so perfectly does he resemble my vision of Prior Philip. "

Read the full review on IGN

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