The Pillars of the Earth

The Giant update post

There have been quite a few updates which we have been discussing in the forum, but I've not had the time to post them here. I will do so now in one giant update.

  1. Mercedes Radio Ad: Matthew gets VERY excited!  This was first reported to us by Timbo and then eventually found online by Matthieu.  Here it is (thanks to Matthieu)!

    Sorry, flash is not available.

  2. Matthew Macfadyen's piece performed for Happy Birthday BBC Two in 2004 has been posted on youtube by Matthieu.  He is being interviewed about Shooting the Past, and Stephen Poliakoff.
  3. Matthew Macfadyen interview for The Sunday Times Magazine, 12 May 2002 scan (also via Matthieu)
  4. A new picture of Matthew Macfadyen from The Stage in 2001 (via Matthieu)
  5. Matthew Macfadyen the impersonator (via Matthieu)
  6. Matthew Macfadyen performed along with Rachel Gleaves in a radio play in January 2002. The play was called Not The End of The World. A summation of the play "By Simon Smith. When Paul's marriage breaks down, unable to talk to his son about what is happening, Paul pretends he is going off into outer space as he leaves the family home."
  7. Finally, this one comes via twitter. Matthew Macfadyen and his The Pillars of the Earth co-star, David Oakes, were spotted tonight at the Richmond Theatre where Noel Coward's play, Present Laughter was being enacted.

Some updates

Forum member, Sylvie, has found that the official website for The Pillars of the Earth has updated their January gallery.  Enter the website and click on "view images".

Also, a German version of the Robin Hood trailer has been released with some minor new scenes.  (thanks Marina for the information!)

Matthew, however, is in neither set.

New December images from Pillars of the Earth and blog

The official website for The Pillars of the Earth has updated the December behind the scenes images gallery as well as Ken Follett's blog.

There are only some distant images of Matthew Macfadyen, though.  Ken Follett's December blog does mention a video, which is viewable on the front page of the official website

A huge thank you to Sylvie, for keeping us updated on the Pillars website!

Pillars of the Earth to be shown by June?

A new interview with Ken Follet and Donald Sutherland mentions that The Pillars of the Earth may be shown by June 2010, although there is no hint of which network will air it in the US Read the full article here.

The Pillars of the Earth to air in Winter 2010 in Canada

CBC has announced that The Pillars of the Earth will air in the Winter of 2010.  CBC is a Canadian Broadcasting Company.

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