The Pillars of the Earth

Filming of Pillars of the Earth half way through

Tandem Productions has announced that filming of The Pillars of the Earth is now half way through their 110 day shooting schedule.  Also, author Ken Follet was asked to do a speaking cameo for the mini-series.

“I was very nervous about acting alongside talented professionals,” says Ken Follett, “but afterwards I saw Sergio smiling, so perhaps I was not so bad.”

Still Images from Pillars of the Earth

I've found some images released by the makers of The Pillars of the Earth showing Ken Follet who will guest in the mini-series, a battle scene, a creepy image of actor Anatole Taubman (as Remigius), Sam Claflin (as Richard), and German actress Natalia Woerner (as Ellen) and British actor Rufus Sewell (as Tom).

You can view the stills HERE.

On the set of "The Pillars of the Earth"

More photos and video of The Pillars of the Earth set have surfaced.  You can see at least 4 videos of the making of the village and cathedral HERE.  Photos can be viewed HERE

Finally, this page seems to show some images of fighting.

Pillars of the Earth Biography

Luce (and some help from Cathy) has noticed that the Offical Pillars of the Earth website has now updated Matthew Macfadyen's biography.

You can view the link to the short biography HERE and see his full biography HERE.

Matthew has a bad haircut....

Matthew's wife, Keeley Hawes, attended the London Film and Comic Con last Saturday, and met a lot of fans.  Libster (and friends) of Luigi's had the opportunity to ask how Matthew was doing.

Keeley is supposed to have said that he had a rather bad haircut at the moment because of filming The Pillars of the Earth, where he is playing Prior Philip.  A monk's haircut.

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