The Pillars of the Earth

The Pillars of the Earth filming moves to Austria

Filming for The Pillars of the Earth has now moved to Austria, according to this article printed in German for 15 days of intense filming.  Filming will include Burg Kreuzenstein and Burg Liechtenstein.  Currently, the "Votivkirche" in Vienna is being converted to a medieval cathedral in preparation for filming.

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Video of The Pillars of The Earth

Forum member, Sylvie, discovered a video from CNN which has video of the making of The Pillars of the Earth.  Within the video, you can catch several glimpses of Matthew Macfadyen as Prior Philip.

October stills from The Pillars of the Earth

The Pillars of the Earth website has been updated to include 13 new stills or behind the scene images for the month of October.  Be sure to click on view images to see the gallery.  (thank you amelie for finding this!)

One important question has now been answered.  Yes, Matthew has a tonsure.  In the image, Matthew's character, Prior Philip is ill and is resting.

The Hollywood Reporter celebrates 10 years of Tandem

The Hollywood Reporter is celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Tandem (the makers of The Pillars of the Earth) with 3 interesting articles all discussing the miniseries even with a quote from Matthew Macfadyen

"All of us actors, we've been looking at each other the whole time going, 'He's really good, isn't he?,' " says Matthew Macfadyen, who plays monk Prior Phillip. "Sergio will never compromise on a shot, never rush things along just to make the schedule." 
  1. Holy War: Making of Pillars
  2. Medieval Times: Ken Follet preps Pillars
  3. Deep Impact: Tandem 10th Anniversary: discusses how high the stakes are for Pillars.
thanks to Matthieu for finding these articles!

Hollywood Spy image of cast of The Pillars of the Earth

Hollywood Spy has posted a composite poster of the major cast members of The Pillars of the Earth.  You can view the poster, HERE.
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