The Pillars of the Earth

Behind the Scenes of The Pillars of the Earth

The Associated Press has released a video showing some great behind the scenes shots of Matthew Macfadyen as Prior Philip in The Pillars of the Earth.  Thanks to Matthieu for letting me know!

November Production Stills for The Pillars of the Earth

The official website for The Pillars of the Earth has 14 new images for November that are viewable in the images gallery.

Thank you Sylvie for finding them! 

Matthew's comments on The Pillars of the Earth

From Matthew Macfadyen, Actor

The Pillars of the Earth - medieval blood, guts, politics, treachery, religion, grand schemes, hope, faith, high ambition, revenge, greed, wild innovation, daring artistry and a sweeping, passionate love story. What a fantastic project to be a part of. I feel very pleased that this came my way. The scale and scope of this production and the calibre of the cast and crew make this one very's to it!

(found by Luce here. Thank you!)

More photos and filming in Austria

Forum member, ForYourEyes, has been keeping us up to date on the filming for "The Pillars of the Earth" that is occurring in Vienna.  There are several articles which have shown photos and discussed the "coronation scene".

You can view the photos and read the translation by google


The article also states that filming for TPOTE will return back to Hungary.

Belgian Broadcaster acquires The Pillars of the Earth

Belgian broadcaster, VMMA has obtained the rights to show The Pillars of the Earth. You can read more about it here.
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