Any Human Heart

Bafta Preview of Any Human Heart report

6point7 was able to attend the Bafta preview and Q&A of Any Human Heart and has reported back in the forum. The producer, director, William Boyd, Hayley Atwell and Sam Claflin were on the stage after the preview.  About 85 minutes were shown and a 2 minute trailer. She was able to report that Tom Hollander was the first person to be cast.  Matthew Macfadyen was reading Any Human Heart during the filming of The Pillars of the Earth, and Sam asked him about it.  Matthew suggested Sam to the production team.  Read more about the event and Q&A in the forum!

Sunday Times Article on Any Human Heart

The Sunday Times has an article discussing Any Human Heart.  You may need a subscription to view the article, however.

Thanks to Lorna!

Steamy Love Scenes? (Daily Express)

In the Daily Express, Hayley Atwell had the following to say about the steamy love scenes with Matthew Macfadyen in the upcoming C4 presentation of "Any Human Heart"

 “We had to strip but for our love scenes Matthew wore a sort of skin-coloured cloth to protect his modesty and I wore nipple pads which I painted smiley faces on.”

“We tried to have fun with it, but the scenes weren’t erotic at all.”

Any Human Heart DVD

Forum member flip has just received her Downtown Abbey DVDs, which also contained a flyer about Any Human Heart's DVD.  The Any Human Heart DVD should be released December 27th and should contain cast interviews, including Matthew Macfadyen's, as well as behind the scenes extras and more.

Hayley Atwell on Matthew in Any Human Heart

The December 2010 issue of Marie Claire has the following comment:

'It's a credit to Matthew that Logan appears very likeable ' says Atwell. 'He's very self deprecating and quiet, so reels them in with the artist/writer mentality.'
The kind of guy we've all fallen for?'

Thanks to beccy for the transcription!

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