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Keeley Hawes talks about marriage to Matthew and showbiz

Keeley Hawes has a lovely interview in the London Evening Standard in which she talks about Ashes to Ashes, but also reveals some interesting tidbits about her hubby, Matthew Macfadyen and their home life.

"She married Macfadyen at Richmond-upon-Thames register office in November 2004 when she was seven months pregnant, and today they all live in Twickenham with a flock of chickens."


"Macfadyen is starring in the sexually charged Private Lives opposite Kim Cattrall, and while lesser women might be jealous, Hawes says she and her husband are a good balance temperamentally: “He's very calm. I'm the fiery one.” Though it's not easy being married to an actor, she jokes. “I've had him come home with prematurely white hair, and then he had a tonsure shaved into his hair for six months last year. I tried to work with that, but it lost its novelty.” Meanwhile Hawes wore basques and leather for Ashes. “He gets a better deal!”

Her banter belies the fact that the demands of two parents in showbusiness is enormously stressful. “It's really hard when you're both filming. You have to work much harder at your relationships than you ever do at work. Poor Matthew is crossing over jobs soon. He's in Private Lives at night and shooting the new TV series, Any Human Heart, during the day — they're even shooting on Sundays."

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Hayley Atwell joins Any Human Heart Cast

Matthew's co-star from The Pillars of the Earth, Hayley Atwell, has now also joined the cast of Any Human Heart, which will be filmed for Channel 4.  This information comes from Baz in the Daily Mail.

William Boyd answers some questions on "Any Human Heart"

Any Human Heart, author William Boyd, attended Aye Write! in Scotland and answered some questions including the following:

Six hours, he revealed, was also the transmission time of this year’s television adaptation of his last big novel, Any Human Heart, which is about to begin shooting and will screen in the autumn. Three actors will play the protagonist Logan Mountstuart: Jim Broadbent, Matthew MacFadyen and a younger man yet to be cast. Gasps of approval greeted the first two names, so the writer’s insistence that his screenplay is viewed as a “vivacious variant” of the much-loved book rather than a faithful adaptation was, perhaps, unnecessary.

Thank you Steph for letting me know!

Baz Bamigboye confirms more details about "Any Human Heart"

Matthew Macfadyen had already confirmed that he would be in Channel 4's four part TV series based on William Boyd's "Any Human Heart".  Now Baz is giving us further details:

Matthew Macfadyen and Jim Broadbent will play the ubiquitous Logan Mountstuart in a lavish four-part Channel 4 drama that zooms in on pivotal moments of the last century.

Mountstuart is the central character of William Boyd's novel Any Human Heart. Although fictional, he seems to have been a witness to history.

At one point, he finds himself in a 'bierkeller' in Munich and asks a thin, diminutive man in a blue suit with a neatly shaved moustache where the toilet is. Later Mountstuart learns that the funny little man was Adolf Hitler.

Logan keeps notes of all his encounters - he meets royalty, famous writers (including Hemingway during the Spanish Civil War and Ian Fleming in World War II). Boyd's novel took the form of Logan's journal entries, kept through the decades.

However, in adapting his book for C4, Boyd has had to introduce a lot of dialogue and bring his disparate elements together in a stunning screenplay.

An actor is being sought to play young Logan, after which Macfadyen and then Broadbent take over - though Broadbent appears throughout, looking back over our hero's long life.

Any Human Heart (2010)

Genre: A novel by William Boyd written in 2002.  Boyd himself adapted the novel to screenplay.  This will be presented as a 4 parter for Channel 4 (UK). It will be a 6 hour series, in total and will has an all star cast.

Synopsis: (Wiki) It is the intimate journal of the writer Logan Mountstuart and is written in the style of a autobiography but is actually pure fiction.  Logan has a habit of popping up at pivotal moments in 20th century history and teetering on the brink of immortality, before inevitably plunging back into unhappy obscurity. In the novel, Boyd weaves an invented life into the fabric of history, with characters such as Virginia Woolf, Ernest Hemingway and Evelyn Waugh showing up at parties and brief meetings on the street.

(Google Books) in a series of intimate journals, the story of Logan Mountstuart—writer, lover, art dealer, spy—as he makes his often precarious way through the twentieth century.

Logan Mountstuart is a witness to the pivotal events of the 20th century. Logan will be played by 3 different actors playing the various stages of his life. A younger Mounstuart will be played by Sam Claflin, followed by Matthew Macfadyen.  Jim Broadbent will play the older Mountstuart.

The cast is star studded and includes Kim Cattrall and Gillian Anderson.

Matthew Macfadyen Role: Logan Mountstuart (middle ages)

Status:   Matthew filmed May/June in London and Spain.  It will be released on UK's Channel 4 in November 2010

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