Any Human Heart

The Preview of Any Human Heart

Forum member, JaneV was able to attend and has given us some of her impressionsBeware spoilers!  I thought I'd post some of her comments about the "Any Human Heart" Preview Screening and Q&A, here, though.

Jane first mentions that there was "wine, canapes and 90 minutes of delight.  C4 did us proud!"

William Boyd was present to do the Q&A. The audience saw the first 90 minute episode + a short snapshot of the rest of the production. Matthew's part of the production begins around 45 mins (maybe a little less) into the first part.  The story is told as a series of flashbacks.

Finally, there are hints that C4 will show Any Human Heart on a Sunday in November, but not necessarily on the 14th of November.

Any Human Heart News and Rumours

The Daily Mail has posted a very lovely article about Haley Atwell, above shown with Matthew Macfadyen in Any Human Heart.  Here's what she had to say about her scenes with Matthew/Logan Mountstuart:

‘The scenes we had together were mostly supposed to be domestic bliss, hanging out on a sofa, smoking fake cigarettes and talking about what we were going to cook that night,’ she says.

A photo of Gillian Anderson portraying Wallis Simpson can be found HERE.

Finally, rumours are suggesting that Any Human Heart will be shown on C4 on Sunday 14th November.  Treat it as a rumour.

Bafta preview of Any Human Heart also with Q&A

Bafta is also doing a preview of Any Human Heart on November 8th at 18:15 followed by a Q&A with Writer William Boyd, Director Michael Samuels and Executive Producer Sally Woodward Gentle

You can book tickets and learn more about the event HERE.

(thanks to 6point7)

Jim Broadbent flattered that Matthew Macfadyen played a younger version of him

Jim Broadbent has said he's flattered that Matthew MacFadyen has been cast as a younger version of the character he's playing in a TV drama."

Broadbent said: "I should be so lucky to have such a handsome young man playing me and then there's an even younger and arguably more handsome man playing an even younger one than him - Sam Calfin."

Broadbent said of the forthcoming drama: "I think it's a great script. I hope it's going to be very exciting and wonderful."

source: The Press Association

Preview Screening and Q&A of Any Human Heart

Channel 4 invites you to join acclaimed author William Boyd and Channel 4 Commissioning Editor Robert Wulff-Cochrane for a preview screening and Q&A of the highly ambitious new drama serial ‘Any Human Heart’.

Tuesday 2nd Nov. 6pm for 6.30pm screening followed by Q&A

For FREE tickets email, quoting ‘4Talks’. We will then confirm the location details.

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