Any Human Heart

Book Cover of AHH with Matthew

Matthew Macfadyen and Haley Atwell can be found gracing the cover of Any Human Heart. (at least in some countries).  A huge thank you to Rebecca

Book Cover of AHH with Matthew

Photo of Matthew as Logan in the Daily Mail

An article about Kim Cattrall has appeared in the Daily Mail, accompanied with a photo of Matthew Macfadyen as Logan Mountstuart in Any Human Heart.  You can view the full image on the Daily Mail website. (Photo credit:Joss Barratt C4).  Any Human Heart will air in November on Channel 4 in the UK

Channel 4's Episode Guide for Any Human Heart and Pillars of the Earth

Channel 4 has now opened up an episode guide for Any Human Heart, which is expected to air in November. A photo of Jim Broadbent as Logan is also on the website.

Thanks to Matthieu for finding it!

Edit: Channel 4 also has a website up for The Pillars of the Earth.

The Three Logans of Any Human Heart

The August 28th issue of Radio Times has published a small article and photo showing the three actors who play Logan in Any Human Heart.  The show is expected to air sometimes this fall.  Thanks to both Smitten and Lorna for the scan!Edit: Radio Times believes it will air in November on Channel 4

The Three Logans of Any Human Heart

Matthew playing golf in Girona

On the set of Any Human Heart, filming has moved to Girona, Spain.  Photos of Matthew Macfadyen playing golf with Tom Hollander and Gillian Anderson.  See the Photos HERE.

thanks to Arco!

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