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Matthew Macfadyen on the set of Any Human Heart in Barcelona

Wenn has posted 7 photos of Matthew Macfadyen in naval uniform on the set of Any Human Heart in Barcelona, Spain.  View the photos HERE

Matthew Macfadyen currently filming in Barcelona for Any Human Heart

It had previously been twittered that filming for Any Human Heart had moved to Spain temporarily.  One of our intrepid forum members from Spain, piper_maru, discovered the filming site and even had the opportunity to speak with Matthew Macfadyen briefly.  According to piper, Matthew looked handome in his period outfit as he awaited his next scene.  The production staff says that filming will take place in Barcelona and Girona for an overall period of 2 weeks.  Unfortunately, Matthew hasn't been able to take in the lovely sites of Barcelona (yet!) as he's been so busy filming.

Thank you piper_maru for relaying the details of your exciting day (you can read more about it in the forum). 

We all hope that Matthew can take time to attend the Bafta ceremonies this Sunday 6 June, in London.  Matthew has been nominated as Best Supporting Actor for his role in Criminal Justice.  Good Luck Matthew!

Follow the filming of Any Human Heart on twitter

You can now follow the filming and latest production news for Any Human Heart on twitter.

This is the latest tweet:

"Just waiting for Matthew Macfadyen to cross the street and start his job in naval intelligence. Looks good in his wavy navy uniform!"

Picture, please!

Star studded cast to join Any Human Heart

We knew that Matthew Macfadyen and Jim Broadbent were both playing different stages of the character of Logan Mountstuart, the lead in Any Human Heart.  Now the young Logan has been cast.  Sam Claflin (who will soon be seen along with Matthew in The Pillars of the Earth), will play the young Logan.

However, many famous actors will make an appearance, including Kim Cattrall (currently starring alongside Matthew onstage in Private Lives) and Gillian Anderson.

Read a lot more about the cast on What's on TV and the Mirror

Any Human Heart is expected to air on Channel 4 later this year.

Busy with Any Human Heart and Private Lives

More members of Darcylicious have been very busy visiting London to see Matthew Macfadyen on stage for Private Lives.  Many have also been lucky to meet Matthew at the stage door and have autographs signed or photos taken.  It's unanimous that Matthew is looking extremely handsome, soft spoken and very nice to allow the autographs and photos.

Some people did note that Matthew looked very tired last week, however, and this was clarified by Doris-anglophil.

As she stated in the forum:

"he said he did some shooting [for Any Human Heart] the week before which was the reason he seemed to look exhausted and tired on the pics of the lunchtime award show last Friday. There had been three or four days he had to do both - the filming and the play. But that's about it - the rest is done after the play has finished, so he said."

For more stories and photos visit the galleries and forum.

*photo credit to hockey22.  A crop photo of Matthew with one of his younger admirers*

Busy with Any Human Heart and Private Lives
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