Ripper Street S4: Interview with Matthew Macfadyen (Sydney Morning Herald)

Series 4 of Ripper Street will begin airing this Thursday in Australia.  Matthew Macfadyen made several comments about his role in Ripper Street.  Here is a small excerpt:

As for his character, Macfadyen says he is happy  to follow the scripts, which often arrive the night before filming: "I have great faith in the writing of [creator] Richard Warlow. It's refreshing and exciting because you don't know where you are going. The more twists and turns on  Edmund's journey the better for me.

"I do like Edmund, his failings as well as his strong points. He is quite a proud and vain man who can be spectacularly thoughtless about people close to him. But he is also, at heart, a good man who cares very deeply about people who can't help themselves or who are hard done by. After all, people are capable of revolting things but that doesn't necessarily mean they are evil. It might simply be circumstances."

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Ripper Street S4: Interview with Matthew Macfadyen (The Iris Au Review)

Matthew spoke with The Iris about series 4 of Ripper Street.  Series 3 is currently available in Austrailia.  You can see Matthew's whole interview HERE.

He also talks abit about the future:

The next thing you’ve got coming up is “Churchill’s Secret” …

It’s a one off film about Churchill and his wife, I haven’t got a big part in it and I haven’t seen it but it’s coming out quite soon.
I’m still working on Ripper Street Season 5 we’ve got another couple of months left and then we’re done. After April 16th it’s a void there’s nothing else, I’m adrift.

Is the potential lack of employment a good thing or a bad thing, would you like to have a bit of time off? What would you normally be doing if you’re having downtime?

It’s normal, I would like to have a bit of time off, I’m sure I’ll start panicking after a few weeks but that’s what happens. I’m used to it now after 20 years. Sometimes you have a run of jobs and it’s lovely but I’m looking forward to a bit of time at home. I’ll just be with my family, my wife and 3 kids and it’s just lovely being at home, doing the school run, normal stuff, reading and catching up on stuff and seeing friends.

Again, read the full interview on The Iris

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Churchill's Secret: on tonight on ITV

Churchill's Secret will air tonight on ITV and here are some comments from some of the newspapers and magazines:

RadioTimes: Meet the Cast of Churchill's Secret

Randolph Churchill (Matthew Macfadyen)

Churchill's eldest son comes to Chartwell uncertain of whether Winston will pull through. He was keen to follow his father into a career in politics, but by 1953 his reputation was already pretty hopeless as he hadn’t been in parliament for nearly a decade.

Where Have I Seen Matthew Macfadyen Before?

He was Tom Quinn on the BBC spy thriller Spooks, but since then has starred in the ongoing Ripper Street and the Channel 4 adaptation of William Boyd’s Any Human Heart. A regular in period dramas, he's taken on the role of Mr. Darcy in the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice and has been equally dashing in The Three Musketeers and Anna Karenina. 

Sunday Express:

“You have this impossible act to follow, someone you both resent and adore,” says Matthew Macfadyen who plays the troubled Randolph. “It’s very difficult, like being the children of megastar musicians or movie stars. Churchill was an iconic, mythologised figure in an age before celebrity.”

Randolph found it difficult to live up to his father’s reputation, having only a five-year career in politics as MP for Preston and died aged 57 in 1968. 

He was famously difficult company and after he had a benign growth on his lung removed, writer Evelyn Waugh said: 

“It was a typical triumph of modern science to find the one part of Randolph which was not malignant and to remove it.” 

Macfadyen says: “Hopefully, the audience will have a little sympathy for Randolph. He was obviously not in a good place, and turns up at his father’s sick bed terribly upset about Churchill’s illness. He doesn’t know how to deal with it and is full of anger and bitterness but you see his vulnerability.”

RadioTimes: Pick of The Week:

The most involving scenes centre on the fractious Churchill children —
particularly Sarah (Rachael Stirling), Diana (Tara FitzGerald) and Randolph
(Matthew Macfadyen) — disappointed people whose lives have been hobbled
by failure to live up to the Churchill name. ALISON GRAHAM

Churchill's Secret will also be available on DVD at on March 7th.

Ripper Street: Fifth series likely to be last

Ripper Street was showcased at the BBC Worldwide Showcase in Liverpool this week and Matthew Macfadyen, MyAnna Buring and writer Richard Burlow were in attendance.

When asked how they felt about Amazon ordering not just a third season of the show, but also a fourth and fifth simultaneously, they responded, “Very happy.” However, Warlow stated that the fifth season will probably be the right time to bid farewell to Ripper Street.


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