The Von Trapp Family: A Life of Music US/UK page

The US/UK distributor, Lionsgate, for The Von Trapp Family: A life of music has updated their page and also an English poster has appeared.

You can see Lionsgate's page HERE.

English poster HERE.

(thank you Luce!)

Trapp Family: ATV Die Reportage

If you live in Austria, you can be lucky enough to see a behind the scenes interview and views from the filming of The Trapp Family: a life in music.  Interviews include Matthew Macfadyen.  This airs on 20 December at 19:33 in German.

You can learn more about this HERE and see a trailer HERE.

(thank you Luce!)

Churchill's Secret: BFI Preview MiniReview

We were lucky enough to have some of our forum members attend the Churchill's Secret BFI Preview tonight.  We were given a mini-review which is posted below.   Of course it is has a strong emphasis on Matthew Macfadyen's character, Randolph Churchill.  If you don't want to be spoiled, don't read any further!

Excellent drama.. All cast brilliant. MM's part although small was riveting. He was perfectly acerbic and extremely unlikable as Randolph from his first appearance... just as he should be! Maybe on screen only 10 mins in the 102 min drama but really made his presence felt. 
There's a scene with the family around the table... just incredible acting from him.

Should be a Bafta for Michael Gambon we reckon... he was brilliant as Churchill.

Churchill's Secret will air on ITV (UK) in January 2016 and on PBS (US) sometime in 2016.

Ripper Street S4: Amazon Press Launch

This morning, Amazon held a press launch for the upcoming fourth series of Ripper Street.  Here are a few tweets/instagram photos

Fab q&a with cast - am still in shock, stunning first two episodes @ripper_street #Season4

— Fern Riddell (@FernRiddell) December 16, 2015

Also this photo


Lost In Karastan: In Cinemas and On Demand 22 January 2016

Lost in Karastan (aka Welcome to Karastan) will be opening in cinemas and On Demand in the UK starting 22 January.  You can watch the exciting trailer and view the new poster below.

See video
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