The Project (2002)


Drama, Made for TV movie 2002

Synopsis from IMDB:

In 1992 a group of labour activists, Paul, Maggie and Irène, are dismayed byPaul yet another Labour defeat to a Conservative Government. They each wish to support Labour in different ways. Irène works for the BBC, Paul applies for a job in the Labour press office while Maggie volunteers for the party. Gradually the Labour party changes it's tactics to spin their appearance. Paul rises up in the ranks while Maggie stands for her hometown and Irène notices the changes in media tack. At the next election labour sweep to power with Paul part of the media team and Maggie winning her seat. However can the party maintain the approach desired by their grass root members or give in to the reality of politics as they have been playing it?

Matthew Macfadyen Role:

Paul Tibbenham


It originally aired on BBC as 2 parts.  Part I: Opposition which aired on 10/11/2002 and Part II: Government airing on 11/11/2002.

Not available on VHS or DVD