Perfect Strangers/Almost Strangers (2001)


Comedy, Drama,


A revelatory drama which unravels the secrets and passions buried deep within an Anglo-Jewish dynasty.When Daniel (Matthew Macfadyen) attends an extraordinary reunion with his parents, he discovers a world he hardly knew existed. Seduced by the glamour of this new world, Daniel adopts the role of go-between for his glamorous Aunt Alice and his dazzling cousins Rebecca (Claire Skinner) and Charles (Toby Stephens). But even the most honourable of intentions have the potential to go disastrously wrong …

Matthew Macfadyen Role:



Originally aired on BBC as 3 parts with Part I on 10/05/2001, Part II on 17/05/2001 and Part III on 24/05/2001.

Called Perfect Strangers in the UK, for some reason it was changed to Almost Strangers in the US. Available on DVD in some countries. 


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