Miss Marple: A Pocket Full of Rye (2008)

An Agatha Christie novel featuring Miss Marple

When wealthy Rex Fortescue dies while having, the police are baffled. Mr. Fortescue died during his morning tea in the office and the diagnosis was that a poison, taxine - a poison found as an alkaloid in berries of the yew tree, had killed him. His wife was the main suspect in the murder, until she also was murdered, after she as well drank the tea. Her lover, Mr. Dubois, was the suspect next, as well as just about everyone that knew the family. Going on the only clue, a pocket full of rye found on the victim, Miss Marple begins investigating. Marple realizes the murders are arranged according to the pattern of her childhood nursery rhyme 'Sing a Song of Sixpence'. Murder though, is anything but child's play. She works together with Inspector Neele on the case, who seems to have a very different idea of what happened.

Characters in "A Pocket Full of Rye"Matthew Macfadyen is Inspector Neele

  • Rex Fortescue - Businessman who is the first to die. He is in his second marriage and has two sons and a daughter. His business is an investment firm.
  • Adele Fortescue - Second wife of Rex Fortescue which has had no children with him. She is the second to die. She also had a boyfriend named Vivian Dubois.
  • Percival Fortescue (a.k.a. Percy, Val) - One of Rex's three children. He was the "favourite" child and his mother, Rex's first wife, died when he was 12 years old. He also was co-owner of Rex's business.
  • Jennifer Fortescue - Percival's wife.
  • Lancelot Fortescue - Also one of Rex's three children. He was not liked by Rex and lived in Africa for seven years before Rex finally made him a business deal. He flew into London just two days before Rex died for the deal to be finalized but it never was.
  • Pat Fortescue - Lancelot's wife.
  • Elaine Fortescue - The last of Rex's three children. She is the only one that shows sorrow for Rex's death.
  • Gerald Wright - Elaine's boyfriend. Rex opposed their engagement and threatened to disinherit Elaine which caused Gerald to suddenly depart.
  • Miss Ramsbottom (a.k.a. Aunt Eiffe) - Rex's sister-in-law from his first marriage. She is in her eighties.
  • Mary Dove - Housekeeper in the Fortescue household.
  • Gladys Martin - Maid in the Fortescue household. She is the third to die.
  • Ellen - Another of the Fortescue's maids.
  • Mr. Crump - Fortescue family butler.
  • Mrs. Crump - Fortescue family cook. She is also Mr. Crump's wife.
  • Vivian Edward Dubois - Adele's golfing partner whom she is having an affair with.
  • Inspector Neele (Matthew Macfadyen) - Inspector assigned to the murder of Rex Fortescue
  • Miss Marple - Amateur detective assisting Inspector Neele.
  • Miss Grosvenor - Rex's Secretary.
  • Miss Sommers - One of Rex's workers. She is very dimwitted.
  • Miss Griffith - One of Rex's workers. She is a perfectionist.
  • Mr. Ansell - Solicitor that dealt with Adele's will.

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