Ashes to Ashes (2008): Series 1 Episode 7


Crime show drama starring Matthew Macfadyen's wife, Keeley Hawes, as the lead female, DI Alex Drake.

Ashes to Ashes is the sequel to the hit TV show Life on Mars

Synopsis (from BBC):

Fund raiser Gill Hollis has spent the last year travelling Great Britain in aMatthew Macfadyen as Gil Hollis bathtub of beans raising money for Children in Need, as the crime drama continues. So, when he is shot in the arm and robbed of all the money he raised, DCI Gene Hunt and the team need to do all they can to bring the robbers to justice.

DI Alex Drake believes a Crimewatch-style Police Five reconstruction, and the help of Shaw "keep 'em peeled" Taylor, will help lead to an arrest, much to Gene's disapproval.

Gill fails to remember anything about the incident so Alex takes him back to the crime scene to try to jog his memory. As Gill's behaviour becomes erratic near the area of the robbery, Alex realises he has OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) that not only gets in the way of any progress, but also gets right on Gene's nerves.

Having been warned by the Ashes Clown that someone is going to die, Alex knows it's vitally important that the armed robbery is solved quickly and is convinced that Gill's OCD is the key.

But Gene is fed up of doing what Alex tells him and decides to deal with the case in his own way – beating a confession out of anyone who gets in his way. Alex is terrified that Gene's actions will lead to a death and has to fight to keep control of the case.

Gene finally gets a break that proves Gill's story is not quite so straightforward and Alex soon finds herself trying to save the life of one of the team.

Matthew Macfadyen Role:

Gill Hollis. Matthew wears a mullet, a mustache, suffers from OCD, and a track outfit.


Originally aired on BBC on 20/03/2008.

Available on DVD. He appears on Episode 7

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