Enid (2009)

Genre: a 90 minute drama, Made for TV

Producers: Carnival Film and Television

Synopsis: tells the story of the acclaimed British children's writer of books like The Famous Five, The Secret Seven, Malory Towers and Noddy. Enid Blyton is played by Helena Bonham Carter.

The Blyton drama is expected to focus on the bestselling author's troubled private life – which failed to resemble the jolly plots of her books. This included her divorce from her first husband and how she suffered from the rows and the break-up of her parents.

Matthew Macfadyen Role: Enid's first husband, Hugh Pollock

(from Wikipedia): On 28 August 1924 Blyton married Major Hugh Alexander Pollock DSO (1888 – 1971), editor of the book department in the publishing firm of George Newnes, which published two of her books that year. The couple moved to Buckinghamshire. Eventually they moved to a house in Beaconsfield, named Green Hedges by Blyton's readers following a competition in Sunny Stories. They had two children: Gillian Mary Baverstock (15 July 1931 – 24 June 2007) and Imogen Mary Smallwood (born 27 October 1935). By 1939 her marriage to Pollock was in difficulties.

(from Ayrshire history): 'handsome, fair-haired man with striking blue eyes [who] was in his middle thirties', and as having a 'glamorous background, [an] air of quiet authority and sophisticated manner' which 'charmed the twenty-six-year-old...

Status:  Filming started the second week of March in London and Surrey and extended to only 15 days.

Aired 16 November, 2009 on BBC4

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