Criminal Justice II (2009)

Genre: A 5 part thriller. Made for BBC

Synopsis: Joe Miller (Matthew Macfadyen) is a barrister at the height of his professional powers. He is married to Juliet (Maxine Peake) who suffers from depression. They have one daughter, 13-year-old Ella. 

One night Joe is stabbed in his home. Life will never be the same again for the Miller family.

As fragile Juliet Miller travels through the criminal justice system under the constant scrutiny of police, prison and social services, questions of psychological and sexual abuse are raised.

She passes through the family courts and concludes her ordeal in aheart-rending denouement in the High Court. 

Matthew Macfadyen Role: Joe Miller, barrister

Status: Criminal Justice II starts filming in and around Londocriminal justicen May 2009. 

  • Shown as 5 hour long episodes on BBC One from October 5 through October 9, 2009 

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