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Ripper Street S4: Interview with Adam Rothenberg and Matthew Macfadyen (Vodzilla)

Vodzilla has posted a lovely interview from two of the stars of Ripper Street.  You can read the full interview HERE.

Here's a small bit from Matthew Macfadyen

But as much as things change, they also stay the same – as soon as we see Reid wearing his hat once more, there’s a feeling that things are back to the way they should be.

“I do love my hat. I would be lost without it!” exclaims Reid, completely sincerely. “When I was at the seaside, I didn’t have my hat and I felt a bit unstuck. I felt a bit… at sea,” he quips, waiting for a reaction. (We groan accordingly.)

“You sort of have a little something,” he says of getting back into the character. “Reid and his bowler hat. I’m sort of quite proprietary about it.”

Indeed, Macfadyen actually owns the hat – and always has done.

“I bought it from Lock’s, a famous hat makers in St James, before we did the first season,” he reveals.

“So it’s my hat,” he adds, fiercely, then pauses. “Did you hear the fury in my voice then? Sort of defensive. It’s MY hat.”

Do read the full article HERE.

Ripper Street S4: Amazon Press Launch

This morning, Amazon held a press launch for the upcoming fourth series of Ripper Street.  Here are a few tweets/instagram photos

Fab q&a with cast - am still in shock, stunning first two episodes @ripper_street #Season4

— Fern Riddell (@FernRiddell) December 16, 2015

Also this photo


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