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Ripper Street S4: Matthew Lewis was "bullied" ... by Matthew

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Matthew Macfadyen confessed to the light-hearted torment as the cast discussed the fourth series of the 19th-century detective drama, which returns weekly on Amazon Prime from January 15.

Speaking of Lewis’s role as Desk Sergeant Samuel Drummond, Macfadyen said: “It’s always great to have fresh faces thrown into the mix and what a lovely fresh face Matthew Lewis has. Also you can bully them a little bit, that’s quite nice as well, isn’t it?

“Just gentle bullying,” he qualified.

Ripper Street S4: interview with Myanna Buring and Matthew Macfadyen (Den of Geek)

Den of Geek has an interview with Matthew and Myanna about series 4 of Ripper Street.  It talks about how the characters have evolved, the cancellation and renewal of the series and more.

An excerpt with Matthew:

MM: Really good writing is political anyway. You know, Finding Nemo has a political narrative. I really do believe that. Stories exist to tell us how to live. That’s why the arts are important. And that’s politics, how we live and how society operates and all the rest of it. But if you only did…


MM: Tub-thumping, yes, it would be so boring.

Be sure to read the full interview HERE.

Ripper Street S4: 5 Reasons why Ripper Street season 4 will be different

There are 5 great reasons, but we like Number 5 the best:

5. Reid hasn't taken to retirement well


We were all rooting for Reid to get his happily-every-after with daughter Mathilda, but it seems seaside life hasn't exactly agreed with the copper. "I think he’s possibly... found living by the seaside a little challenging," Matthew MacFadyen tells us. "I feel like he’s had his rest and recuperation and he sort of seems to be drawn back to Whitechapel."

And what about his father-daughter relationship with Anna Burnett's Mathilda? "I’m not sure he’s the perfect father, or she’s the perfect daughter, but I think they have their bond." He says. "They found each other again, and he sort of... found her twice." Awww.

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