Ripper Street S4: 5 Reasons why Ripper Street season 4 will be different

There are 5 great reasons, but we like Number 5 the best:

5. Reid hasn't taken to retirement well


We were all rooting for Reid to get his happily-every-after with daughter Mathilda, but it seems seaside life hasn't exactly agreed with the copper. "I think he’s possibly... found living by the seaside a little challenging," Matthew MacFadyen tells us. "I feel like he’s had his rest and recuperation and he sort of seems to be drawn back to Whitechapel."

And what about his father-daughter relationship with Anna Burnett's Mathilda? "I’m not sure he’s the perfect father, or she’s the perfect daughter, but I think they have their bond." He says. "They found each other again, and he sort of... found her twice." Awww.