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BBC News comments on Sheen in Frost/Nixon

This BBC news article comments on Michael Sheen to play Frost in the upcoming movie Frost/Nixon.  Filming for the movie will begin next week.

Oliver Platt joins the cast of Frost/Nixon

Oliver Platt will play Bob Zelnick in the film. Zelnick was the executive editor of the Frost-Nixon interviews.

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Guardian Unlimited article about the play Frost/Nixon


Since the movie is based on the play Frost/Nixon, I thought this article has some insights as to how the author, Peter Morgan wrote the play.

When the playboy met the liar

Frost / Nixon : new film announced

Hollywood Reporter and are both reporting that Matthew will star in a new film based on the award winning play of the same name. Matthew will play reporter John Burt. Read more on the websites.
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