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Frost/Nixon US Premiere in NY

The Paley Center for Media New York will screen Frost/Nixon Dec. 2 at 6 PM. Director Howard and producer Glaser are also scheduled to be part of the Manhattan event.

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Frost/Nixon US Premiere in LA

Frost/Nixon will be screened at the Paley Center Los Angeles Nov. 21 at 7 PM. The evening will also feature a panel led by "Frost/Nixon" director Howard, producer Brian Glazer and members of the film's cast.

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Frost/Nixon Website up and running

The Frost/Nixon website is now up and running, no longer pointing to the Universal website.

You can see the website on

Oddly, it says that Frost/Nixon will open up December 2 rather than December 5. Is this an error by the web designer or is it going to open limited release even earlier?

Edit:  The website has now updated the date to December 5, 2008.   

Frost/Nixon to open expanded release in US in December

Matthieu found an article from Variety listing the following dates for the release of Frost/Nixon in the US:

Limited release scheduled in USA December 5, 2008.
Expanded release in USA December 12, 2008.

Entertainment Weekly talks Frost/Nixon

This weeks Entertainment Weekly has an article about Frost/Nixon.  No mention of Matthew in it, though.

Thanks, Mayamia!

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