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New York Film Festival may show Frost/Nixon

According to industry insiders and Variety, Frost/Nixon may be shown at this years New York Film Festival, which runs from Sept 26 - Oct 12, 2008.

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Universal Announces Release Date of Frost/Nixon in the US

According to Variety, Universal has announced the release date of Frost/Nixon to be Dec 5, 2008.  It will open up for an exclusive run and then expand to a general release.  The timing is thought to coincide with the 2008 awards season.

Universal has also updated it's website to reflect the release date.

Frost/Nixon at ShoWest

Stills were shown of Frost/Nixon at International Day at ShoWest, according to Variety.

Exhibitors from around the world got a taste of what to expect in 2008 from four studios on Monday.

When will Frost/Nixon be released?

Earlier, speculation assumed that Frost/Nixon would be released in late 2008, possibly in conjunction with the US presidential elections in November 2008.  This speculation was made prior to the recent screenings of Frost/Nixon and the announcement of the delay for filming of Ron Howard's Angels and Demons because of the writers guild strike.

The Daily Mail is now suggesting that Frost/Nixon is "due out early next year".

Frost/Nixon screening in NYC

Thanks to Kate and IMDb for this information. has sent out emails for a free screening of Frost/Nixon on Wednesday, December 12, 2007.  It will be held at the Regal Cinema Union Square at 7 pm.

If you are in NYC, you might want to contact for invitations. 

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