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Another Matthew Photo From NY Frost/Nixon Premiere

A huge thank you to brave Liz and the generous but clueless man (it has to be a man) who shared this blog and picture of Matthew (yes, of course it has two T's) Macfadyen.

Read the hilarious blog and view the photo here

Release dates for Frost/Nixon in the US

Frost/Nixon has a complicated release schedule in the US.  According to a press release, via Playbill

Frost/Nixon "will arrive in select U.S. theatres Dec. 5 and 12 and will open nationwide Dec. 25"

Thanks to Steph for alerting us to this information. 

Earlier New York Frost/Nixon Premiere

Universal has announced an earlier Frost/Nixon premiere than the one at the Paley Center which is to be shown on December 2.  Originally the Paley center viewing was to be a premiere, but now they are calling it a screening.

The New York premiere of the drama FROST/NIXON. Matthew has confirmed that he will attend the premiere.

WHERE: Ziegfeld Theatre
141 West 54th Street
New York City, NY

WHEN: Monday, November 17, 2008
5:30 PM Press Call Time
6:30 PM Celebrity Arrivals
7:30 PM Screening Begins

For more details and a list of celebrities attending go here.

Frost/Nixon premier: video interview

Thanks to Lizzie J for spotting this video from last night's premier where Matthew is interviewed.
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