Listen to our collection of audio clips in the gallery. However, you can also listen to a sampling with the following links:

Nuremberg Trials Part I: listen as Matthew says Playboy

Nuremberg Trials Part II: Introduction

Nuremberg Trials Part II: listen as he says "ampule"

Nuremberg Trials Part III: sampling

In The Mind Of A Dreamer by Christian Rusch: The Coma narration set to music. A small soundbite.

Robin Hood's Quest: pc game in which Matthew Narrates

Irish Accent: Matthew performs an Irish accent when being interviewed for a promotion for Middletown

Middletown Clip: Gabriel Hunter speaks

Baby Boy: Matthew announces during a Middletown interview that he has a baby boy

Harrods Weekend Sale : Matthew encourages people to shop at Harrods

Harrods Sale #2: Matthew sounds slightly different in this radio advertisement

Harrods Final Sale: Matthew's final advertisement for Harrods January 2007 sale

Royal Mail Small Business Ad: Matthew encourages businesses to ship packages with the Royal Mail youtube Ad

BBC Front Row Interview of Secret Life: Matthew discusses his role as paedophile

Mercedes Benz Commercial

Death at a Funeral trailer dubbed in German

Volvo Commercial

Centerparcs Commercial

Volvo V70 Commercial

Centerparcs II Commercial

Simon Mayo Interview: Matthew talks about Darcylicious and Frost/Nixon

Risk I PC Game.  The computer version of the board game Risk.  Matthew narrates the 2007 version.