Matthew Macfadyen Narrates Classic FM Honda's Hall of Dreamers Presents

Matthew Macfadyen has been doing short narrations that has appeared on ClassicFM for Honda's Hall of Dreamers.  In it, Matthew talks about various famous people throughout history who deserve the title of "dreamer".

Matthew, so far, has narrated about the following people:

Hans Christian AndersonChristopher Columbus
Emmilene PankhurstJoan of Arc
The Wright BrothersFerdinand Magellan
Louis PasteurSigmund Freud
Christopher Wren Gallileo Galilei
J S BachAlbert Einstein
Claude Monet Plato
Vincent Van GoghEnrico Caruso
Sir Isaac NewtonCharles Darwin
Martin Luther KingAristotle
Alexander FlemingBeethoven
Thomas JeffersonVoltaire

You can learn more about the narration in the forum and gallery. A tremendous thank you to Jane.