Three Musketeers Interviews

Made In Hollywood Interview with the cast of The Three Musketeers

It's never too late to find more interview clips from cast of The Three Musketeers!  Here's one from Made in Hollywood with Kylie Erica Mar.

I think you can even hear Matthew Macfadyen mention The Last Sumarai, as stunt coordinator, Nick Powell was also responsible for the sword fighting coordination in The Last Sumarai.  (information via Doris. Thank you!)

Watch it HERE.

Film File 2 Interview

Again a huge thank you to Jane!

This interview has a very animated Matthew Macfadyen.  Does he really say "heels on boobies"?  A must see interview!

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Film File 1 Review and interview of Three Musketeers

You catch bits of the UK Premiere in this one.  Matthew Macfadyen appears for his interview soon after 1:43  Love what he says about James Corden!

A huge thanks to Jane!

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