Three Musketeers Interviews

Hey You Guys Interview with Matthew Macfadyen, Luke Evans and Ray Stevenson

Hey You Guys has uploaded a video with Matthew and the rest of the Three Musketeers that talks about training for the movie, how hard it was to work with James Corden, and sing a bit Dogtanian

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Leah Meets with Orlando and The Three Musketeers (BBC Video)

Leah of CBBC sat down with Orlando Bloom as well as Matthew Macfadyen (and the rest of the three musketeers) at the premiere.  Leah has decided to turn to the "dark side" however, the Three Musketeers know how to deal with Leah!

Also, there are some new, funny, scenes with James Corden in it.

If you are in the UK, watch the video HERE.  (sadly you can watch only if you are in the UK).

Kevin McCarthy talks with the Three Musketeers (video)

Kevin McCarthy talks to Athos, Porthos, and Aramis (as well as the rest of the cast!). Enjoy the humour in this video.

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Kimberley Marren talks to the Three Musketeers (Video)

Found by Jane.  You can watch a video with The Three Musketeers at the premiere.

Matthew Macfadyen said "The sword fighting had to be very accurate, there was no cheating, it wasn't sort of stage fighting but it was good fun."

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Matthew Macfadyen interview

You can catch Matthew being interviewed starting at 4:11

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