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Epic: More BTS photos from the filming of Epic by Ümit Ünal

This and other images were shared by film director Ümit Ünal, who is involved in the filming of Epic.  He tweeted and posted photos on facebook including the one shown with Matthew Macfadyen.

thanks to cellisticone for sharing the information!

Epic: More BTS photos from the filming of Epic by Ümit Ünal

Epic: Stealth Media Group webpage

The Stealth Media Group has posted a webpage with a poster and stills from the movie Epic. You can view them HERE.

Thanks cellisticone for letting us know!

Epic: Stealth Media Group to handle international sales

Screendaily states that Stealth Media Group will be handling the international sales of Epic.  In fact, Stealth is showing first footage to buyers at EFM (European Film Market).

“The shoot has been a real roller-coaster to date,” said producer Mike Downey.

“It has been a punishing schedule but our incredible Georgian partners have pulled out all of the stops and have provide the perfect platform for us to shoot not only in amazing locations - but with the space and comfort we needed to really enjoy the fine comedy that this is turning out to be.

The article is accompanied by a photo of Matthew Macfadyen with Karastani musicians.

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