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Epic: Matthew Macfadyen & MyAnna Buring interview

A video of interviews with MyAnna Buring and Matthew chatting about Epic has been uploaded to You Tube. It is dubbed sadly.

Epic: first film still released

The first still from Epic has been shared on the Kinote.info website.

Epic: first film still released

Epic: Behind the Scenes Filming (Video)

This video was posted at the GNFC. Again, it's in Georgian, but you get lots of Matthew Macfadyen.

Epic: Photo of Matthew Macfadyen in Tbilisi, Georgia

@qreinn has posted a photo of Matthew Macfadyen looking relaxed and happy in Tbilisi, Georgia.  Matthew is currently filming Epic in Georgia.  Thank you for posting this photo @qreinn!

Epic: More photos from the Epic Conference

Here are more photos (5) of Matthew Macfadyen at the Epic Conference in Georgia.  Below the photos you can also read about the Epic event.

thanks to twitter and cellisticone.

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