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Epic: English Video of Georgian Press Conference

Thanks go out to Luce for finding this video!

Epic: News Report of the Epic Press Conference

This video was posted by the GNFC. Be sure to catch Matthew Macfadyen's lovely smile near the end.

Epic: Press Conference (Jan 12, 2013)

The Georgian National Film Center has posted photos from today's Epic Press Conference which include many images of Matthew Macfadyen.

Be sure to visit the GNFC facebook page.

Also, here is longer report of the press conference.

(thanks to jane and liz)

Epic: Matthew Macfadyen Lines up For Ben Hopkins' Epic

Screen Daily has given us far more details about Epic including the following:

  • The cast is led by Matthew Macfadyen, MyAnna Buring, and Noah Taylor
  • Shooting begins this Sunday in Georgia's capital, Tbilisi
  • The shoot will be on location in Frankfurt for one week
  • "It’s comedy about globalisation and nation-building, sex and art, money-laundering and love," said Ben Hopkins, “In the case of Epic, reality is absurd, credibility is ridiculous, and authenticity is hilarious. And all set in a fictitious country, that could be one of any number of post Soviet satellite states.”
  • Looking to release the film for the 2014 festival cycle
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